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Note: Turns out doing this wasn't as difficult as I thought, nothing too fancy but I feel a bit silly haha! anyway, hope ya enjoy the Gallery~~

About the Gallery!
Haii! As you may or may not know or seen, I'm a silly furry artist that enjoys drawing on her spare time. Well... this is the place where I'll be uploading and sharing most of the silly arts I usually do! Also wanted to share some lil' info on how or what I use to get these done in case ya'll wanna know <(︶▽︶)┌

In software terms, I usually only use Aseprite, I find it comfy and just does everything I need. On the hardware stuff, I use a Wacom Intuos at the moment, nothing else, nothing more. Also yeah, I could have put this as part of the note above but I just wanted to have it separate for whatever reason nyo-ho!

Fluffy resting in the metro

Last Wagon Home, done on 11/30/2022
Another drawing made for a concept of another story, they're both linked with eachother so yah, maybe I'll draw more sometime!

Yup, this is a JoJo reference

Behold, Ale the Great!, done on 09/10/2022
Half-finished of a menacing, evil-ish Fluffy, sometimes she gets a bit quirky at night, specially during full moon...

Bailey sells stuff

Bailey's Curiosity Shop, done on 07/14/2022
A little animation I did based on the concept for a story I have in mind, still not sure if I'll ever draw or illustrate more...

Fluffy is lost!

Where is Fluffy?, done on 05/07/2022
Tried drawing Fluffy over a picture of some playhouse, for fun :3

Old Ref Sheet

Kira's Ref Sheet, done on 04/13/2022
Depicts an old character of mine that I've already redesigned and repurposed, back from when I used to always outline the text... ew...

Funny animatronic doggo

Fullbody of Jake, done on 03/06/2022
This one is a drawing I made based on a character of a good friend which I used to roleplay long time ago, obviously inspired by FNaF.

Old Reggie Doodle

Kira's Ref Sheet, done on 01/28/2022
Just a silly doodle I made with something I found on Newgrounds, I'll link it here whenever I find it (also yes, this lad later became Reggie!)