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Note: For now the layout of the entries may be a bit rough, but I'm going to work on it to achieve a prettier way to display them~ .

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Sunday, 9th of October of 2022
Weather: Clear
Time: 7:51 pm

This week wasn't precisely the best (⇀‸↼‶), sorry for leaving the page without updates for a week, I just had to prepare for some exams and a lot of projects for this period's evaluation, I mean, I could possibly add a little note or something, but I guess I underestimated how time consuming this things were haha! Anywaaays, soo during all of this time I finally got a new desk on my room (pretty cool, huh?). Now I can better organize all of my stuff and have a more comfortable place to write and do many activities :3 It's like, a very nice thing to have and I'm really happy about how it looks rn, maybe I'll attach a pic here sometime later, I don't really know ┐(︶▽︶)┌

But yeah! Aside from that, I've managed to borrow some books to help me learn a bit more about HTML and CSS (even a tiny bit of JavaScript, although I don't know how to use it lol) so yup, this time I feel more confident about the things that I'll be able to do to this little corner on the internet :3. Right now I don't have a lot of things to say to be honest, but I'll make sure to work at least a little bit on the gallery for the Playground and other little tweaks to the overall layout! so yah, take a looot of care, cya tomorrow~ >w<

Daily Phrase: Time sometimes passes a bit too fast... - Slightly tired, Ale.

Thursday, 29th of September of 2022
Weather: Clear
Time: 11:00 pm

Oh well, today wasn't quite the day I was expecting... so basically, I tried to go back to school, but they sent me back because they wanted to be sure that whatever I got, wasn't covid (what an annoyance that lil' thing is!) so they just told me to go somewhere and do a lil' test thingy so I could be sure, at first that sounded really easy, in fact, it sounded suspiciously easy for good ol' me, so I just went home, left my stuff on my bed, and picked up everything I possibly needed to go get that test done! The way there was easy, but let's say that wait times around here tend to feel uh... well it's almost eternal. Yep! I arrived there at 4:35 pm and made it back home at 10:57... yeah... worst thing is that I spent most of that time standing still, so my legs got super tired! no wait... My entire body did! Oh heck!, but hey, the good news are that I'm a 100% Covid-Free Person! (Hurray!) so I have nothing to worry about so far, only school and taking care of the playground on my spare time!

I'm really sorry about this, but I feel just a little bit too-tired to keep writting a more detailed entry... and really, even if I wasn't, today wasn't something that I'd consider worthy of detailing, just boring stuff like standing still, waiting on a queue, all day... yeah, maybe not an ideal experience, but hey! There's always another tomorrow, right? Soo, let's hope that everything goes way better tomorrow and that maybe something exciting happens, who knows what kinda crazy stuff awaits! That's why I'm going to finish this entry for now and sleep, so I don't have to wait that long to know haha! Anyways, thanks for reading this short entry, I hope ya' sleep well, see ya' tomorrow~

Daily Phrase: Sometimes, all you need is a lil' bit of patience. - Tired, yet hopefuly, Ale.

Wednesday, 28th of September of 2022
Weather: Cloudy
Time: 11:56 pm

Huh, so this day was... "unique" to say the least. So I woke up a bit too late because I stayed up later than usual researching some things I could use to get the gallery section done today, the thing is that I fell asleep sometime around 4 am (that's veery late, I know) and afterwards, I woke up at 2:45 pm the next day... yup! My sleep schedule is a little bit too sensitive when it comes to staying up late, specially at such hours! So that's why my day felt way shorter than usual, but at least I could find some useful info I'll use tomorrow! But yeah, the first hours of my "day" were used to do some chores to compensate the overtime I spent asleep, after I finished that I had to help my sis out with her homework, it wasn't anything too complicated, but I spent a lot of time because we eventualy started talking about a lot of nonsense and school anecdotes, it was a really fun experience to be honest :3 This is mostly because of my school schedule, you see, for a weird and unknown cosmic reason, I always end up taking the afternoon shift on every school I go, this means that I spend a really tiny fraction of time with my family or even doing other things (although this is mostly because of my terrible time management skills), so yeah... any time I can spend socializing with my family is a moment I deeply appreciate ^w^

There's also a very very special thing I do sometimes on my spare time: Basically during the rare ocassion on which the ambience becomes quiet, I usually get my headphones, lay down and listen to some of my weirdcore/dreamcore playlists (although, I don't listen to only those two things all of the time, in fact, sometimes I prefer to listen at some classical music or jazz instead!), that way I relax and get rid of almost any stress I have on me at the moment, most of the time I end up falling asleep for 2-3 hours and have some craazy and surreaal dreams! I can tell you, it really is quite a unique experience~ Oh... why I am telling you this? because today was one of those rare instances at which I could do this activity, uh-huh~ I spent even more time sleeping today darling! Leaving my lazyness aside tho, after I woke up again I stretched a bit, got my tablet and got to work again! this time I could get the drawing done way quickier since I already had both the sketch done and most of the line-art ready, so I just had to polish some tiny details, color and shade! (also because my pen is enchanted~ don't tell anyone tho!) So once finished, I uploaded and added it to the beautiful playground's main page! Then I remembered that a lot of the sites I've seen here on Neocities had this little cute thingies called buttons, so I thought that it would be a good idea to create mine and then boom! Cute lil' button suddenly materialized on the main page~ all thanks to my totally normal and reliable pen!

Sooo, that was my entire day~~ Maybe is not anything too exciting, but I'm glad I could experience today, and even more excited about being able to experience the tomorrow, that's why I'm finishing this entry right now and heading to sleep for tonight... I'd like to thank you for reading this far if ya' did, and also wish you a very good night~

Daily Phrase: Sleeping foxes look adorable~ - Happily, Ale.

Tuesday, 27th of September of 2022
Weather: Cloudy
Time: 11:04 pm

Whew! today was quite a busy day for good ol' me, I had to work on some history projects for next week, maybe I started a bit too early, but I don't really want to be stressed out by doing it like two days before (as I always do lol) but anyways, aside from that I was helping around at home, y'know, simple things like cleaning the table or the floor, taking the trash out... that kinda things. That was pretty much all day, maybe a little bit too boring to fully detail on this entry, but oh well, what matters is that I had some spare time during the day to work on the playground and improve how things look around here... or that was what I was planning to do, like, at first I wanted to work on the coding for the gallery section, I did some little tries, but I just couldn't find something I liked (sad thing, I know :c), so I decided that maybe I could momentarily just add all of the images without any kind of special formatting or layout, that's when I remembered I was also going to work on a new drawing for the main page, (silly me!)so I just let the code alone for a while and opened up Aseprite to get to work!

A sneak peak of the drawing~ So the idea I had in mind was changing the main page's drawing for a new one every so often, not the most original idea ever, but I thought it would be a fun thing to do from time to time. Anyway, so the first thing I did was picking two of my characters to be featured on this... week's(?) drawing and after taking some good 45 minutes (because apparently I'm terrible at choosing things), I finally picked my two characters: Fluffy and Reggie (the lovely pink kitty~), because their color palettes seemed like something that would go very well together, and also because they're siblings that care a lot about eachoter! (aww, ain't that cute?). After I decided which characters to draw, now was time to decide how to draw them, I spent a lot of time too, but thankfuly not as much as last time :3 in fact, I can say that I only got three options for this: One was drawing them sitting on a bench and drinking a nice cup o' tea! Then, there was the option to draw Reggie carrying Fluffy on her back, and finally I thought of drawing them talking a little bit. Unfortunately, I didn't had enough time to draw something too "complex" so I went for the last option this time, I say this because I'm absolutely going to be drawing more complex pieces for future changes on the main page, like adding more characters, little backgrounds and even doing some seasonal/holiday themed ones~

Maybe I wasn't able to do everything I was planning to do today, but I'm pretty sure that tomorrow will be a better day! And that hopefuly I'll both finish the new drawing and also find out a nice way to get the gallery section up and running~

Daily Phrase: Things don't always go as planned, but there's always a second chance! - Calmly, Ale.

Monday, 26th of September of 2022
Weather: Clear
Time: 10:02 pm

Howdy-howdy dear diary! Today I couldn't assist to school since I got a cold a couple of days ago and probably won't be able to do so for at least three days, the bright side of this is that, since I have to stay home, I can work on the layout of the site a little bit more, and also learn some new tricks to improve the appearance! Of course, it may not be the greatest or look exceptionally good, but I think that it's good enough for a beginner like me. But yeah, earlier today I got to work on some more additional art to add a bit more of personality and life to the playground, I actually took a break a couple of minutes ago just to write this entry, oh right, the entries! I spent like an entire hour trying to "design" the layout these will have, I played around with some border styles and ways to arrange the text, but I finally ended up with a design I considered appealing, there's still some tweaks I want to make, but those can wait a little bit more hehe~

Honestly, I've been reeally excited ever since I found out that I could make a lil' site here on neocities, and also 'cause there's still a lot to learn about both html and css, all of the things someone can do are fantastic and the possibilities endless as well! I'm truly fascinated about the way that internet works and how the pages themselves work, it's just "woah", I don't really have words to describe it, but it really is a fantastic little thing! I'm really happy to see the way in which the playground is slowly coming together as I discover new possibilities. It really is a great greeat feeling to see how something you've always wanted to do slowly becomes a reality... And the best part is:

This is only the beginning! there's plenty of things to do and a lot of time and dedication to do 'em, I'm still excited about this, but I gotta slow down as the day ends and the surroundings get quieter, yep, this means this entry is over, but there will be more coming up soon! With almost nothing else to say, good night dear diary, I'll see ya' tomorrow~

Daily Phrase: As long as the sun shines, there shall always be hope for tomorrow... - Happily, Ale.